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A garden painting is a fabulous way to keep and to celebrate something that is otherwise ephemeral. It makes a terrific gift for any green-fingered friend or family member who is proud of their horticultural creation and is especially fitting as a retirement present for a couple who may be downsizing and leaving a beloved garden behind.

Mary Brittain is happy to undertake commissions. Paintings can be done either from photographs supplied by clients, although where distances allow, she would prefer to visit your garden herself. To ensure that the finished painting reflects whatever it is that makes your garden special to you, the composition will be sketched out and agreed with you before work begins.

Alternatively, why not let Mary immortalise your favourite thing in paint to create a still life picture with real personal resonance?

Prices start at around £200 but vary depending upon a number of factors such as painting size, whether or not you require a visit and the media used.

Call  01905 621064 or 07771 653127 to find out more.

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